Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Wonder I Have Any Bees Alive at All

Please disregard the pictures on the post below.  I do not currently have a full pound of menthol on top of my bee hive.  "Sigh." 

Before putting it on yesterday afternoon, I read the packaging carefully.  It stated that the net weight was 1.8 ounces and that a whole package was a dose.  Then, overnight, I got to thinking about what I had paid for this package of menthol, and this morning I dug out the shipping order.  The invoice stated that I had purchased a pound bag.  After digging the package back out of the trash, I again read 1.8 ounce, net weight.

Freaked, I went out and scooped most of the menthol off the screen and then called Brushy Mountain, the supply company, to inquire.  The very helpful woman explained that a 1.8 treatment would be a couple of tablespoons, and that I indeed had a pound bag.

Poor bees.  No wonder they hummed in irritation.  It made my eyes water a bit when I took it off the hive.

So...further research on the internet indicated that the menthol should go in a mesh bag above the brood nest and below their honey supply.  That, for the moment, cannot be helped. 

The surplus menthol is going in a package in the fridge for the moment.  I'm going to make my own bags out of screen, I think, rather than pay for shipping. I'll work on that later.

Jimmy cricket, I feel terrible about dumping all that menthol on the hive.  That's where reading directions will sometimes take you.  Too bad the common sense took a few hours to kick in.

Forgive me, bees.  I was just trying to help.

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Brenda said...

Oh... no.... POOR bees. I thought that looked kinda harsh, but what do I know. Nothing. Those instructions sure sounded confusing to me, I re-read your post (the bag size, the dose size, etc) several times and never did "get it." Good thing I am not in charge of your bees.