Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arts and Crafts Fesival at the Arboretum

We ran an exhibit last weekend at the Arts and Crafts Festival at the Arboretum. The observation hive, above, was the huge hit and crowd pleaser. Folks of all ages peered through the glass trying to find the queen bee.

The lattice poster display was awesome but dangerous. When the wind picked up later in the afternoon on Saturday, it turned into a human scale fly-swatter. No one was squished, but we had a close call.
I'm also a fan of fake beekeeper man. Except when you have to move him. He is a heavy dude. He's next to the Buncombe County Bee Club's small honey extractor.

It was fun to run the booth. There were lots of questions, again from folks of all ages. I think we converted another couple innocent people into future beekeepers.